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The 5 Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make

It is the financial mistakes you avoid that makes all the difference. People think that they need to make more money, catch a break, or get ahead on finances to be wealthy. Sometimes, all it takes is to avoid the big financial mistakes that can destroy you. Here are the worst five things you can do with your finances: Getting Into Credit Card Debt Buying a Brand New Car Vices Not Investing or Saving Excessive Spending 1. Getting Into Credit Card Debt The worst kind of debt is credit card debt. The only thing remotely as bad as credit card...

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Saving 101: How to Master the Art of Saving Money

Saving money is something that everybody knows they should do, but only a few do. You may have been told by your parents or grandparents to save your money when you were young. They try to tell you that it will gain interest and compound over time, but you never saw results other than a measly 6 cents earned every month. Savings accounts, in general, are not what they used to be, which was a mechanism for earning money. If you are banking with a big bank, you can expect much less than a 1% interest rate. Luckily, some high-yield...

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10 Realistic Steps to Becoming Wealthy

Becoming wealthy is something that almost everyone wants to achieve in life. It enables you to live comfortably, become financially free, and even retire at a young age. The basis of becoming wealthy is increasing your assets while decreasing liabilities. The following is the equation for net worth (the measurement of how wealthy you are): Value of your Assets – Value of your Liabilities. Becoming wealthy takes a lot of hard work and practice, but it is by no means unachievable. Even beginners in finance can achieve this ultimate goal with a little education. Here are the ten steps that...