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The 5 Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make

It is the financial mistakes you avoid that makes all the difference. People think that they need to make more money, catch a break, or get ahead on finances to be wealthy. Sometimes, all it takes is to avoid the big financial mistakes that can destroy you. Here are the worst five things you can do with your finances: Getting Into Credit Card Debt Buying a Brand New Car Vices Not Investing or Saving Excessive Spending 1. Getting Into Credit Card Debt The worst kind of debt is credit card debt. The only thing remotely as bad as credit card...

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Income 101: How to Make More Money

Income is probably near the top of many people’s lists of the most important things in life. The problem is that most people do not use it properly or make enough to live comfortably. This mistake could be from a lack of income or the amount they spend. The amount of money that you spend has a lot to do with how you utilize your income. Let’s use an example. Person 1 has an income of $30,000 and person 2 has an income of $100,000. You would rather be person 2 right? Not so fast… Person 1 owns a used...